R & D is the core competency of our company

With the professional research team, Eversun already obtained lots of leading technologies and patents, such as halogen-free flame retardant, glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforcement, nano-material application and applications in various engineering plastics.



Our company cooperate with top universities in China to reach and develop polymer composite material and halogen-free flame retardant materials.  We have established a technology center together with the universities to form a independent innovation platform form promoting “make use research for application” philosophy.  Independent research and development provides a good platform for new material application.

(Collaborate with 6 universities in China for new material Development and synthesis:
◎ R&D team with more than 50 staff.
◎ Dr. Hu Junhui (state special nano-materials expert) as the R& D team chief advisor.
◎ 5 staffs got PhD degree,20 staffs got master degree.
◎ With assistance of several well-known plastic experts home and abroad)

We have many advance equipments such as microcomputer universal testing machine, environmental testing instrument, UV curing machine, X-ray fluorescence analyzer, temperature & humidity chamber, DSC differential scanning calorimeters, TG Analyzer, transmittance testing machine, high-power microscope, melt flow rate testing etc.  We also equipped with advance double-screw extruders for final product quality test and application research which enable us to customized competitive assistance for our customers.



We develop infrastructure for research:

  • Testing instructment / equipment for basic application.
  • Drop weight impact tester
  • Nut drawing force tester
  • High & low temperature tester
  • ASTM standard test mold
  • ISO standard test mold
  • Universal tester

High end laboratory equipment:

  • 4 set special equipment for injection molding
  • XRF equipment, X-ray manual tester
  • Weathering tester
  • Tester for flame retardant property in high temperature
  • Material optical properties tester
  • DSC & TD thermal performance orientation tester