High Impact Strength at low temperature
Weather resistant products, METABLEN S2001 can be weatherproofed without causing any discoloration and degradation under the outdoor exposure.

Packing: 25 kg / cardboard drum (inside with PE bag)

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METABLEN S type has silicone-acrylic-based rubber to achieve both super high impact strength and excellent weatherability.
METABLEN S-2001 is an epoch-making impact modifier, with both super-high impact and excellent weatherability, that offers significant benefits to manufacturers of various engineering plastics as well as PVC outdoor applications. These two properties having never been compatible in butadiene and acrylic type modifiers. Mitsubishi Rayon accomplished this,
with its superior expertise in polymer chemistry, using the acrylic rubber component interpenetrated with a portion of silicone rubber. The super efficiency of METABLEN S-2001 in impact strength has made it possible to cut down the dosage of the modifier in compounds. Also, low temperature impact, which has hardly been improved with acrylic weatherable
modifiers, has been accomplished with this new weatherable modifier, METABLEN S-2001, to the equal extent to MBS (MMA-Butadiene-Styrene) modifiers.


Appearance white powder
Bulk Density 0.33-0.53
Particle Size 2% on 16 mesh
Percent volatile 1% max

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