Function Detail
Flame Retardant (FR) Most plastics are carbon-based materials and will burn and give off gases and smoke when subjected to a flame.  All of these materials will degrade at very high temperatures into volatile and gaseous combustion products.

We offer a wide range of effective flame retardants, based on different technologies, environmentally friendly, and competitive on a cost/performance basis for the engineering polymers market.  Our Flame Retardant Additive, including sulfonate type, silicone base type and masterbatch type, have their own unique feature which can cater to your specific application.

Impact Modifier (IM) Impact modifier additive increase the durability of molded or extruded plastics, particularly those subject to impact forces or cold weather service. Our modifiers are available for PC, PC+GF, PA, PBT as well as for other commonly specified plastics.
Anti-dripping Agents (AD) In the thermoplastic FR rating test according to UL94 V1 and V0, the cotton indicator should not be ignited by the flaming particles and drops. In the industry, Anti-dripping Agents (AD) is typically used in the FR formulations to improve the anti dripping property.
Compatibilizer (C) A compatibilizer is an additive used to stabilize blends of immiscible polymers to produce polymer alloys which have improved properties compared to the same ratio of the two polymers not containing the compatibilizer.
Other processing aid additive (PA) Polymer processing additives solve problems in wider range of resins which including anti-oxidation, lubrication in molding, stabling processing etc.
High Temperature Resin (HR) High Temp Resin is designed for functional prototyping in high heat applications. Their Heat Deflection Temperature is higher than 250 °C @ 0.45 MPa.