Eversun Chemical Int’l Co. Ltd  is a professional solution provider for Engineering Plastics and High Performance Polymers e.g. Polycarbonate (PC), PC/ABS, PET, PBT, PA(6,66, 6T,9T), PPS..etc. We provide a board ranges of one pack (functional additive), impact modifier, flame retardant for different applications. These applications are included in smart phone, e-car, smart home appliance, office automation device and various digital products.

Eversun Group has chemical factories to produce Sulfonated type, Perflorobutane sulfaonate and silicone type flame retardant and blending different kind of one pack additives (functional additives) for engineering plastics. We also have our own organic synthesis laboratories and engineering plastic testing laboratories in our factories and universities. We also have various patents in chemical synthesis and application in difference engineer plastics.

Eversun cooperates with many universities in China for organic synthesis research and application development in different application areas like smart phone, smart home and e-car industries.

Eversun Group has a “Plastic Platform” which links up many plastic additive manufacturers (from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China ) with end users through our R&D team and our plastic compounding partners in different engineering plastic industries.